If you are the type that like watching female sports or you want to learn some sports events as a lady, below are 6 sports events dominated by women.

1.Rhythmic gymnastics

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This sport (Rhythmic gymnastics), This May be your first time hearing about this sports, because many people don’t know about this sport.
Rhythmic Gymnastics began as a sport in the former Soviet Union in the 1940s, it is not a new sport. In year 1961, the International Gymnastics Federation recognized it. World Championships have been held since 1963, with the first held in Budapest, Hungary, that year.

Rhythmic gymnasts compete on a 13-square-metre floor with music playing in the background. Harmony between the gymnast, the apparatus, and the music is required to achieve a balanced composition, with required difficulties, mastery, and dance components. The device must be held in both hands, thrown into the air, and maintained in motion at all times.

2. Water Ballet

Water ballet is the original name for synchronized swimming, a female-dominated water sport. Water ballet is defined by choreographed water movements that must be executed with grace and ease. Flexibility, agility, precise timing, and the ability to control breathing underwater are all required for the sport.

Annette Kellerman, a woman from Sydney, Australia, was the first to introduce water ballet to the world. She was born on July 6, 1886, and suffered from rickets, a disease that weakens and softens the bones, since she was a child. Kellerman spent most of her childhood swimming to combat the debilitating disease.

Synchronized swimming, or synchro, became the name of the sport over time. This soort became an official Olympic sport in 1984. At the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, medals were awarded for the first time to athletes who excelled in their sport.

3. Synchronized Skating

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Synchronized skating is a team sport in which a group of 8 to 20 skaters performs a routine together. Teamwork, speed, intricate formations, and difficult step sequences distinguish it. Each team member must be a highly skilled individual skater due to the variety and difficulty of the elements. The average senior athlete has passed at least two senior or gold tests.

Synchronized skating is a popular discipline in both the United States and around the world. The United States Figure Skating Association hosted the first U.S. Figure Skating has approximately 600 synchronized teams registered, and nearly 5,000 athletes compete in the synchronized skating sectional championships each year.

4. Throwball

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This game has its roots in volleyball, and while the two games may appear to be similar on the surface, there are some key differences. Netball is somehow similar to volleyball in that it is played on a court divided in two with a net in the middle, however the playing surface of the court is much larger than that of a regular volleyball court as well.

The other major difference is that in Throwball, there is no ‘volleying.’ Instead of parrying balls, they are thrown into the opposing zone, where they must catch and return it to prevent a point from being scored. It’s a thrilling, dynamic sport that’s action-packed from the first minute, which is why it’s becoming increasingly popular as a sport around the world.

Throwball is popular all over the world, but it is especially popular in the Indian subcontinent, and its international hotspots are typically places with large Indian populations. Netball is thought to have originated in England, descended from a popular women’s game, and then been brought to Chennai in the 1940s.

5. Netball

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Netball is a ball sport in which two teams of seven players compete. The games are held on a rectangular court with raised goal rings at each end.

Netball Players are placed in positions that define their roles on the team and limit their movement to particular areas of the court. During normal play, a player with the ball has only three seconds to shoot for a goal or pass it to another player.

Netball is played by over 20 million people in over 80 countries around the world, with Commonwealth nations being the most popular. It is primarily played by females. The International Olympic Committee recognized netball as a sport in 1995. (IOC).

6. Ringette

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Ringette is a Canadian invention that has evolved into one of the fastest ice team sports. The sport has grown steadily since the early 1960s, and it now has nearly 32,333 registered players on nearly 2000 teams, as well as over 8000 coaches and over 1700 officials. Although ringette is primarily a female sport, it now has over 700 male participants across the country.

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