The sentence handed down on Wednesday was harsher than the one sought by prosecutors against Benzema in connection with the 2015 extortion attempt, which resulted in Benzema being barred from playing for France for five-and-a-half years.

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It is no longer news that a French court has sentenced Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema to one year in prison with a one-year suspended sentence for his role in attempting to blackmail his former France teammate Mathieu Valbuena with a sex tape.

Here Is The Reason Why Benzema Was Suspended By A France Court

If we can recall around November 2015, French authorities arrested Real Madrid forward Karim Benzema on suspicion of plotting to blackmail international teammate Mathieu Valbuena over a sex tape. Benzema is accused of using sex tape to extort money from French international teammate Mathieu Valbuena.

During the investigation after he was arrested in 2015, the court made it known that if Benzema was convicted of complicity in the blackmail plot, the Real Madrid player faces at least five years in prison.

In 2015, news agency AFP (h/t Tom Adams of Eurosport) reported that the France international forward was arrested after visiting the judicial police. Adams pointed out that Benzema had previously been linked to the process by Le Parisien, albeit in a minor role.

Initially, even Benzema himself didn’t know that this case could lead to his Suspension, in an exclusive interview with French television channel TF1 in 2015, Benzema expressed his hope that the matter will be resolved soon and described his experience. Below is what Benzema said on the case in 2015 during an interview.

I had heard that there was a video in which he appeared, and when I mentioned it to him, it appeared that he was already aware of its existence. I then told him that I had a friend in Lyon who could assist him. I inquired if he had informed his family.
We never discussed money. It’s driving me insane hearing all this talk about extortion. The only thing I regret is being spied on while conversing with an old friend.

I’m hoping everything works out. I’m not at fault. This will be beneficial to Valbuena, my friend, and me.

Benzema said during an interview in 2015

BBC also reported that Benzema claims he was informed of the sex tape while dining with Karim Zenati, a longtime friend who now works for him and has also been charged. According to the same report, Valbuena told Le Monde that Benzema “indirectly suggested” he pay a ransom.

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