According to the NBA Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James and the Detroit Pistons player Isaiah Stewart have been suspended for their next games. The suspension serves as punishment for both players for their altercation after James recklessly hit Stewart in the face during their Sunday’s game.

Stewart has been suspended for two games because he pursued his counterpart James by escalating an on-court altercation repeatedly and aggressively, while James will serve his suspension against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday as well.

The Lakers and Pistons met on Sunday in Los Angeles, and both James and Stewart will be available.

The altercation occurred during a free throw during the third quarter of Sunday’s game when James And Stewart’s arms appeared to become entwined, and James lifted his elbow, striking Stewart in the face, who soon had blood streaming from above his eye.

For a brief moment, cooler heads appeared to prevail. Stewart has been led away from the point of contact by teammates and coaches, but he appeared to become more enraged along the way. He then attempted several times to double back and run toward James.

Several people again blocked his path, ensuring that the incident did not deteriorate further. Stewart received two technical fouls, while James received a flagrant foul 2, and both players were ejected.

It is James’ first suspension in his 19-year NBA career, during which he has won four NBA championships with three different teams. The two teams will meet again in Los Angeles on Sunday.

However, this is James’ first suspension in his 19-year since he joined NBA, in which he was able to win four NBA titles with three different teams. On Sunday, both teams will square off in Los Angeles.

Stewart will be unavailable for the Pistons’ home game against Miami on Tuesday and their game against the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday as well. James will lose approximately $284,000 in salary, whereas Stewart will lose approximately $45,000 in salary.

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