The English Premier League will return on Friday, October 22nd, 2021, with Arsenal taking on Aston Villa in a tense match. However, in this article, we will concentrate on the top ten players in the English Premier League with the most shots on target from Matchday 1 to Matchday 8.

To begin, every goal-scoring effort that enters the net, regardless of purpose, is deemed a shot on target. A shot on target is also any obvious effort to score that would have gone in if the goalie had not saved it, or if it is stopped by a last man and the goalkeeper has no chance of preventing it. The top 5 players with the highest sh are shown below.

1. Mohamed Salah -17

Image from premier League

Mohamed Salah of Liverpool leads the list of players with the most shots on target. Mohamed Salah has 19 shots on target for Liverpool this season in the English Premier League. Surprisingly, 7 of his 19 shots on goal have resulted in goals. And, at the moment, Mohamed Salah is the EPL’s leading goal scorer. He shared the place with another outstanding player, Jamie Vardy.

2. Michail Antonio -12

Image from premier League

Michail Antonio of West Ham United is ranked second in the list of the top ten players in the English Premier League this season in terms of shots on target. Antonio has a total of 12 shots on goal, with 5 of them being goals.

3. Mason Greenwood -12

Image from premier League

Mason Greenwood has been a standout performer for Manchester United this season, with 12 shots on goal. Four of his twelve shots on goal have resulted in goals.

4. Ismaila Sarr -12

Image from premier League

Watford winger Ismaila Sarr has the same number of shots on target (12) this season. Currently, the Senegalese have scored four goals, which translates to one goal for every three shots on goal.

5. Jamie Vardy  -12

Image from premier League

Jamie Vardy Despite his age, Leicester striker Jamie Vardy’s statistics continue to improve. Surprisingly, Jamie has scored on 7 of 12 shots on goal this season. Isn’t it fantastic?

Source: Premier League

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